About Us

At metre we value analytic and insightful thinking. Openness and collaboration are crucial to the workings of our offices, located in downtown La Crosse and the North Loop of Minneapolis. Being a full-service agency, we recognize the interconnected nature of the industry and the resulting need for a communicative team with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about what they do. To foster that communication, we all work in open spaces with fewer barriers between effective teamwork and outstanding results.


Dan Weber
graphic designer
Mike Behan, Ph.D.
strategy & brand
Kerstin Boudreau
director of research & communications
Justin Garvey
director of brand strategy
Jared Schoh
data & analytics
Alex Twite
Account Manager
Connie Forseth
Office Operations Manager
Zach Spanton
Creative Strategy
Andrew Koeppen
Graphic Designer
Hailee Lichte
Marketing Specialist